God's Gifts

Tim Tebow has done it again.  He has snatched victory from the jaws of defeat.  If you haven’t followed football, the Denver broncos and the Pittsburgh Steelers had just begun overtime in their wild card playoff game.  It probably shouldn’t have gotten this far.  The Broncos had a 20-6 lead at the half , only to see it disappear by the end of regulation.  But on the first play of overtime, Tebow pulled another miracle from his book of tricks, connecting with an 80 yard pass for a touchdown to win the game, sending the Broncos to the next round against the New England Patriots. 

          Even if you are not a football fan you probably know Tim Tebow.  Tim is a devout Christian and he pulls no punches when talking about his faith.  He gives all glory and credit to God for his success as a football player.  It’s that unabashed faith in Jesus Christ that has him in the middle of a ruckus.  At every post game press conference he makes sure to give God the credit for his success…not because God affected the outcome of the game, but because his talent comes from God. Tebow’s devout faith has made him a target for the secularists in this world.  Last week I heard more vitriol spouted by callers on a local talk show.  One caller wanted him muzzled…and another wanted to make it illegal for him to talk about our faith.

          This is what we are up against in this “post church era”.  Christianity is being attacked every day…from the banning of private prayer and student led Bible studies in school, to calling the Christmas Tree a holiday Tree, to a billboard placed on the Major Deegan Expressway in the Bronx that says “Reason is the season”.  While we are called to be tolerant of other peoples beliefs and “lifestyles”, it is ok to be intolerant of Christians.  But it is not OK.  I’m tired of the prejudice against me and my faith. The Church on earth is called the Church Militant.  It’s time to join Tim Tebow, read your Bible and proclaim Jesus Christ at every opportunity.      

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