Concordia Sunday

Sunday, April 18 was a celebration of Concordia College, Bronxville at Holy Trinity. We hosted Dr Patrick Bayens, a professor of religion at Concordia.  Dr. Bayens filled our pulpit that Sunday, basing his message on that weeks Gospel account of Jesus' appearance to the disciples while they were fishing.  Their day was fruitless until Jesus appeared on the shore, telling them to cast their nets on the other side of the boat.  The nets became so heavy with fish that they were unable to lift them into the boat.  Dr Bayens went on to discuss the importance of that type of faith in our everyday lives.  Dr Bayens then assisted in serving communion.

After service, Dr Bayens joined members of the congregation for bible class.  It was during the bible class that we learned about the new programs at Concordia.  They have introduced a new nursing program designed for second career nurses who alreadyh have a batchelor's degree.  That is being expanded to an undergraduate program.  There is also a little known program that allows students to transfer for a semester to a different campus of Concordia University to study in a discipline not available in Bronxville.